Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Spoilers & Preview: Universe 2 Attacks

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117
Dragon Ball Super Episode 117

Goku has been weakened after his battle with Kefla from universe 6. The fused form of Kale and Caulifla proved to be a difficult duo to handle and so Goku needed to use his Ultra Instinct power to defeat them.

Meanwhile, the extreme burst of power woke Jiren who may choose to knock Goku out for good, before he regains his powers once again.

Already, Goku has learned how to control his new strength to a greater extent, compared to when he first achieved the transformation against Jiren.


Now Goku has lost most of his stamina against and will have to slowly recover, especially as he wasn’t anywhere near full power when he started fighting the Universe 6 Saiyan’s.

Universe 6 Namekians
Universe 6 Namekians

Now Universe 6 has only two warriors remaining and we know that next week another Universe will fall, with us assuming that it will be Universe 6.

In addition, Vegeta has promised that he won’t  be left behind, with Vegeta promising that he will master Ultra Instinct before Goku does.

In episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super, we will get to see Universe 2, lead by Ribrianne, attack the injured Goku, trying to knock him out of the Tournament of Power while he is still weak.

Yes, that means there will be more annoying love attacks and love talk, however, Androids 17 and 18 won’t allow them to have too much fun.

The two Universe 7 Androids will step in and help Goku but Android 18 has already been weakened and won’t last long.

Android 17 and 18
Android 17 and 18

We know that in episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super, another Universe 7 warrior will fall, with it looking highly likely to be Android 18.

As for next weeks episode, we will finally get to see the Universe 7 Android do something, as they have nee fairly quiet so far.

However, for now, you will have to wait but you can watch the preview for episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super in the video below. 


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