Supergirl: Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Here I am, ready to give my opinion about another 2 episodes of Supergirl. As usual, there are going to be spoilers so beware!

The third episode starts exactly where the second episode ended: the interview. Supergirl agreed to answer to some of Cat Grant’s questions. (To be honest, most of them were stupid)

Then Cara’s sister warns her not to tell everyone about her alter ego and to be careful while giving such interviews. (That’s pretty obvious to me)


There are three particular scenes that stuck with me. The first is when Miss Grant hears a ringing inside her head. My theory is that she has tinnitus (I doubt she has hidden super powers but that’s to be proven) The other scene is when Winn realizes that Clark is Superman. You have to check his reaction, it’s hilarious.

Supergirl Episodes 3 & 4
Supergirl Episodes 3 & 4
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