What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?

A few weeks ago I finished Watch Dogs 2 and had written a review on it however, what I didn’t tell you was that I Platinum Trophied it.

For those of you who don’t know what I mean by this, it’s when you get all the achievements for a game, a feature that now been added into most gaming consoles and games.

Now unlocking all of the achievements in Watch Dogs was actually easier than I first thought, and after doing so my platinum trophy count went up to 22, and the number will keep growing due to my O.C.D.

What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?
What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?

But I’m not the only one who craves achievements and wants them all, most players now need to unlock them despite them not being crucial to the games we play.

So here and now I’m giving you a quick run through of how to get the Platinum Achievement!!!

Now I remember getting my first trophy and it was in Assassin’s Creed 2, I remember thinking to myself, what on earth are these thing’s?

What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?
What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?

At the time I thought that I probably won’t bother getting them all as I don’t see the point.

Three hours later: Well I’m about 45 % through this and I keep getting more.
Six hours later: I’ve got 70 % of them now and I have to finish this.
Five years and a lot of games later: Twenty-Two PLATINUMS!!!

What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?
What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?

In all fairness though, story trophies are a great way to keep you motivated if your really keen on improving your achievement count but once you start getting them, its hard to stop without wanting more.

So why else do we hunt for attachments? Well funny achievements are great ways to make players want to unlock them.

In some games you will get the odd trophy hear and there asking you to do silly tasks, the Saints Row games are renowned for this however, Watch Dogs 2 also had some great achievements like this too.


However, we have to remember that not all achievements are funny or easy to get, as there are achievements that you can only get on certain days. There can be frustrating at time and have been seen in some of the Batman and Pokemon Games in the past.

Online achievements can be annoying when you want to unlock them all but don’t play online however, most games now make you want to play online so this isn’t as much of an issue, as it was in the past.

What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?
What Makes A Game An Achievement Hunt?

For instance the only reason that I completed the Watch Dogs 2 online achievements, was because they were easy and at the same time fun.

So there are all the different achievements we usually find and why we want to unlock them.

At the end of the day the reason we unlock achievements is to make our gamer scores look more impressive, they are usually fun and because it just gives us more to do.

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