Sonic Mania Potential Release Date Reveal From Steam?

One of Sega’s new Sonic game to release this year might just be playable quite soon if what’s been leaked is true which is quite exciting for fans as well as on-lookers of this throwback of a Sonic game.


Sonic Mania is a game that graphically and gameplay alike goes back to the original Sonic instalments that enthusiasts love to see as Sonic as a series has changed quite a bit over the last few years. It’s got quite the craze behind it as everyone high hopes for it. And it looks like everyone might be able to play it very soon in August.


Sega’s new game was originally meant to be released in the months of spring but was unfortunately delayed to summer back in March.


The European Steam page for Sonic Mania shows off a trailer that states its release of August 15th which is only a few months away. Although on other countries Steam pages show that it’s a summer 2017 release.

Currently there hasn’t been an official comment that suggests the release date from the Steam page nor details or even hints from Sega. I’m sure everyone is biting at the bits to know if the rumour is true. Sega is sure to release new information soon, especially with E3 just around the corner.


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