My Top 5 Pokémon (Gen VII)

June 12, 2017 // 1 Comment

We’ve hit something of a dilemma, intrepid travellers! After months of eager anticipation, a bevy of twists and turns, and unfathomable vitriol for appointing Swellow [...]

My Top 5 Pokémon (Gen VI)

June 5, 2017 // 2 Comments

We are baaaaaack! We are baaaaaack! We are getting Doug baaaaaaaack! Hello, fellow Pocket Monster enthusiasts. What once started as PokéMonday devolved into the much less [...]

My Top 5 Pokémon (Gen V)

May 4, 2017 // 0 Comments

We have jumped over the halfway point, my friends! After a month of my ‘mon manifesto, we arrive now at Gen 5 and the ritzy glamour of the Unova region. I remember the [...]

My Top 5 Pokémon (Gen II)

April 10, 2017 // 2 Comments

Greatness can be as brief, as fleeting as catching lightning in a bottle. Therefore, there is always a considerable risk taken whenever someone attempts to traipse towards [...]

My Top 5 Pokémon (Gen I)

April 3, 2017 // 4 Comments

Welcome to PokéMonday friends (and possibly attentive enemies)! I thought for a moment I might look at myself inwardly, focussed particularly on a subject that holds a dear [...]