Boruto Manga: Konohamaru Sarutobi Has Been Betrayed


In Boruto Naruto Next Generations, there have been many complaints when it comes to the anime and the manga, however, this might be the biggest disgrace to the series so far.

Already, the Boruto series is looking more and more likely to be looked upon by Naruto fans, as Dragon Ball fans look upon Dragon Ball GT.

But what did the Boruto manga do that is so horrible this time? Well, they destroyed the reputation of one of Naruto’s oldest characters, a character that showed so much promise.


In Boruto it looked as if it was finally Konohamaru’s time to shine, with him being a jounin and leader of Boruto’s team.


Because of this many assumed he would play a similar role to Kakashi, however, in the most recent chapter of Boruto, it’s doubtful that will be the case.

In the previous chapters, Konohamaru was inspecting a fallen mysterious blimp, with a Kara member intercepting.

Many believed that Konohamaru would shine and show us how strong he has become, despite the immense power of the Kara members.

However, there was no battle in the previous chapter and all we know is that Konohamaru is missing.

This indicates that Konohamaru was defeated easily, which is pathetic for someone who showed such talent in Naruto and strives to be the Hokage someday.

Many fans were starting to speculate that Konohamaru knew Senjutsu, as he can summon toads, as well as use most of Naruto’s attacks, as he was personally trained by Naruto.

Konohamaru vs Kara
Konohamaru vs Kara

Although, it looks as if that training ended some time ago and Konohamaru stopped learning Naruto’s attacks and abilities.

It is possible the manga could rectify this wasted opportunity to make Konohamaru as strong as what he deserves, with the battle possibly continuing and that’s why he is missing.

However, it’s unlikely and that means that Konohamaru has become a weak jounin, adding to the so far disappointment Boruto has been.

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