‘Boruto’ Episode 37 Spoilers & Preview: Kakashi vs Boruto

Boruto episode 37
Boruto episode 37

Everything is on the line at the moment, with every Konoha student possibly failing the test that will see them all become Genin.

Now we obviously know that the eventually pass the exam and become genin because of the Boruto movie, however, none of this is in the manga, which means that they could all fail and pass on a later date.

However, we believe that they will not fail and as long as they perform as a team and show ambition, the Konoha students will pass and become genin.


Now in episode 37 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations, we will be watching as the fight between Boruto and Kakashi rages on.

Already, Shino has been defeated by Mitzuki but Anko and Konohamaru are still lurking around, with Konohamaru fighting Sarada Uchiha.

Sarada Uchiha Sharingan
Sarada Uchiha Sharingan

Meanwhile, Kakashi has recognized that Boruto has the talent of a Chunin, however, he lacks the ambition to become one.

This is a test to rid the bad behavior out of the current generation, who have grown too carefree in a time of peace.

Boruto is already able to use lightning and wind release, with many of the other also being able to use nature chakra, which is well beyond where their parents were at this stage in their development.

Kakashi may have lost his Sharingan but he is still an incredible shinobi who became a jounin at age 12, which was before his Sharingan days.

Kakashi is not someone you want to mess with, which means Boruto will have a tough time, just as his father did all those years ago.

Boruto vs Kakashi
Boruto vs Kakashi

Already, Boruto and Kakashi’s fight looks very similar to Naruto and Kakashi all those years ago, with Boruto’s impatience and overconfidence being just as high as Naruto’s in the past.

Kakashi wants to make sure Boruto becomes a great ninja and to do that he must be strict on Boruto at this early age.

Next week will be a truly great episode where the battle between the two will likely come to an end, however, until then; you can watch the preview for episode 37 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations in the video below.


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