Boruto Episode 36 Spoilers & Preview: Kakashi vs Boruto

Boruto Episode 36
Boruto Episode 36

Finally, an episode that Naruto fans can actually look forward to, with episode 36 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations hosting an incredible battle.

Over the past few episodes, Boruto has been uncertain about what kind of ninja he wants to be, with all his friends having a clear path, such as Sarada and her ambitions to be the first Uchiha Hokage.

Meanwhile, Boruto still hasn’t found his ninja way just yet, with the Sixth Hokage in Hatake Kakashi noticing this problem in episode 35.


Now with graduation almost upon us, someone has to be the examiner, with the former teacher of Team 7 being the obvious choice.

This means that the Konoha students will have to compete in a rather tough trail in order for them to graduate, with us knowing that Kakashi doesn’t pass just anyone.

Team 7 was the first team to ever pass Kakashi’s tests, with the legendary ninja failing many students in the past.

The Konoha students will have to face Anko, Shino, Konohamaru and Kakashi in battle, with the possibility of defeat leading to failure.

These are all jounin level ninja and one is a previous Kage; therefore, it will not be an easy task for the Konoha students.

However, the new generation is a lot stronger and more talented than the previous, which means it’s doubtful that Kakashi will be able to simply read his Makeout Tactics mid-fight like he did with the young Team 7.

Kakashi vs Naruto
Kakashi vs Naruto

Kakashi desperately wants to help Boruto find his way and will personally take him on in episode 36 of Boruto, which means yes, next week will be the episode where Boruto Uzumaki takes on Kakashi Hatake.

Yes, this is an episode that we are desperate to see, however, for now, you will have to wait until next week but until then you can watch the preview for episode 36 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations in the video below.

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