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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 26: Orochimaru’s Ties To Kawaki

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 26: Orochimaru’s Ties To Kawaki


Boruto chapter 25 only recently came out, with us getting to see more from the man that would eventually take out the 7th Hokage in Naruto Uzumaki, as well as destroy Konoha.

This chapter marked as Boruto and Kawaki’s first real encounter, which is something that we have been waiting for, for quite some time. In addition, we also got to see Kawaki fight against Garou in an epic encounter.

Now though, we will look at what’s going to come next in the Boruto series, with there already being spoilers released for Boruto Naruto Next Generations chapter 26, on Reddit, The Anime Scrolls and Otaku Kart.

Boruto Manga Chapter 26 Spoilers: 

Boruto and Kawaki

Boruto and Kawaki

According to the spoilers for Boruto chapter 26, we will get to see more from Kawaki, who will not need to recover after defeating Garou. Kawaki used his Karma Seal to blow himself up to bits.

This attack resulted in the upper half of Garou’s body to be fatally damaged. Meanwhile, as for Kawaki, he was drained of all his energy. Remeber, Kawaki is a modified human, however, he once was originally a human, but scientist changed, as well as improved him.

Hinata Hyuga Naruto Gals Figurine

The spoilers by Otaku kart believe that these modifications may have something to do with Orochimaru, the former evil Legendary Sanin. Orochimaru is still a very dangerous and powerful man but he has changed.



Orochimaru is no longer evil but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t accidentally made a monster in Kawaki during an experiment. Think about it, Orochimaru was behind Uchiha Shin earlier in the Boruto series as well.

This isn’t confirmed but they genuinely believe that Orochimaru may have either directly or even indirectly been involved in Kawaki. Noe, in chapter 26 of Boruto, Naruto will meet Kawaki for the first time.

This is because Konohamaru will deliver his report back to the Hokage, with Naruto needing to know everything about Kara, as well as everything that has recently happened to Boruto’s team.

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