So you’ve just come out of the theatre utterly shocked and confused? What did the ending of Avengers Infinity War mean? How will the next film follow up after all those character “deaths”? Will the remaining characters that were left be strong enough to defeat Thanos in the next film?


What’s happens now?

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Many questions that Marvel fans are asking themselves after that jaw-dropping cliff hanger that ended the third Avengers film. Which of course, can only be explained through fan theories and speculations towards what may happen in the fourth Avengers film, coming out in June next year.

If you’re wondering what exactly Marvel Studios have planned, here are some fan theories about the ending and what could happen in the next film.


Who is actually dead?

If you understand comic book logic, you’ll know that characters rarely stay dead when they appear to have been killed off. In saying that, it is safe to say that characters such as Loki, Gamora and Vision who were killed by Thanos are going to stay dead.

But what happened to all those pivotal characters such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Dr Strange and Star-Lord who faded away once Thanos finally obtained all the stones for the infinity gauntlet, obliterating half of the universe?

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In one of the final scenes of the film, we see Thanos in a mysterious orange hazed world, where he reunites with the soul of Gamora, now appearing as a child. Thanos very well could have been in the ‘Soulworld’, a pocketed dimension within the soul stone, and the souls of the characters that we saw ‘die’, could possibly be trapped in this dimension.

If this is true, then these characters could have the chance to be revived, as in the comics, Adam Warlock (who was teased at in the after credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2) is able to enter the Soulworld at will.


Why did Dr Strange give up the Time stone?

Dr Strange is not an idiot, in fact he is pretty far from it. So the fact that he gave up the time stone to save Tony Stark no doubt has to have been justified. Fans, as well as Tony, were left shocked at Strange’s actions, as the start of the film he tells Tony he wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice both his or Peter’s life so save the fate of the universe. However, Strange appeared quite at peace with his decision.

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If you remember Strange using the time stone to reveal 14 million future timelines of the group’s battle with Thanos, he mentions that there was only one timeline where they were successful. So, Strange’s decision to give up the time stone to save Tony, really must have been “the only way” to allow the Avengers and Guardians to win against the villain.

But what does this mean? Well, Strange is currently dust, so in order for the remaining group to understand his plan, someone will have to revive him.


How is Captain Marvel involved?

If you stuck around for the after credits scene, you would have watched Nick Fury try and reach out to Captain Marvel as he and Maria Hill began fading away.

Though the stand-alone Captain Marvel film is set in the 90s, and is an origin story for the character, the ending of the film could be set just as Infinity War ends, picking up the story line.Image result for Captain Marvel

Possibly she might respond to Nick Fury’s call, hinting that she will play a very important role in the fourth Avengers film, as she does in the comics.

Still, we won’t officially know until the film is released in March next year.


Who will finally defeat Thanos?

Though the MCU likes to have their own tweaks on the comics they loosely adapt, Marvel are more then likely going to adopt the ending of ‘The Infinity Gauntlet’ to end the fourth film.

In the comic, Adam Warlock learns of Thanos’ activity and recruits Captain Marvel and the remaining Avengers to finally put a stop to Thanos’ undoing.

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Nebula is also importantly involved with defeating Thanos in the comic. At one point Thanos is distracted by an encounter with Eternity, a cosmic being that represents the universe itself. This gave Nebula, still driven by revenge, a chance take the gauntlet for herself and contribute to Thanos’ eventual demise.

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Marvel could certainly head in this direction for their final Avengers film, and it would contently end the Avengers era and help kick start a new age in the MCU featuring these characters.

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