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Attack On Titan 2 Review: Devote your Hearts and Arms

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Attack On Titan 2 Review: Devote your Hearts and Arms


For people who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Attack on Titan is one of the most popular manga and anime series to have come out in recent times, among that of Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul and One Punch Man. But today I’m talking about the new game Attack on Titan 2.

If you played the first game you have basically played over 75% of this one. That’s right, most of this game is a rehash of the first game and season 1 again, but this time you play as a nameless character who you can customise and break all the uniform recollections –
basically, you were there when Wall Maria was breached by the colossal Titan killing your parents. You along with the other main characters from the manga and anime join the military to eventually take out the Titans who killed your parents.
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Now one of the things about this is because of your character who can basically be you, it kind of feels weird that you’re friends with Erin, and that despite the fact they never ever mention you ever again, so there’s always this stigma of being that weird guy who would sit in the corner of class and had this blank look their face.
You do also play through season 2 as well which is good and there is a bit of original content for the game, but in all, it feels a bit cheap.
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Graphically the game looks really good compared to the first game, with the maps, even if they are small, feel like they are more lived in now or were lived in.

Titans do look different compared to the first game, where they copied and pasted a lot of them, so it was good to see some variations on the designs for them. However I would come across some pop in here and there, and when there were a lot of Titans in one place the frame rate would drop, but simply getting away from the Titans would fix that.
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Sound wise the game can be really epic at times, but at the same time it doesn’t have the same feel as the anime has, but that might be due to listening issues.

The voice acting for the game is great with most of the Japanese cast reprising their roles from the anime. Sadly there is no English dub for people who may have trouble reading.Also for some reason in this game, the subtitles are all in Comic Sans!

Gameplay is basically the same thing from the first game but they did change it up for the better in most parts.

When you’re attacking a Titan you want to lock on with R1 and select the limb to chop off or the nap of the neck to kill, but in the first game you would lock on and press square on the PS4 version of it and then be locked on that Titan. In this they change it so you lock on with R1 and then press triangle to latch yourself to the Titan body part, but also attack them with a triangle which was a bit hard to grasp at first after playing the first game so much. After getting used to it, though, it was a welcome change and it felt really good being in motion with chopping off arms and legs of Titans.
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One of the things we can do now literally plays Pokemon Go! with Titans. That’s right, there’s a lot of different Titans to collect for Hange to conduct research on which will grant you money for new equipment to fight against the Titans.
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One of the new things in the game are these tactics bases in battles where you can restock your blades and gas, but they can also be made into mining towers so you can get more items at the end of the fight , or even canons to attack nearby Titans which you have to keep an eye on before they get destroyed.
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And now one of the odder things in the game – the visual novel aspect of the game, where you hang out with all the people from the anime – and I mean everyone. In doing so you will nab new skills that you can equip to yourself to give yourself advantages in battle, like saving on gas and blades. However, it does seem a bit weird being friends with someone who you know is probably a Titan.
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In battle, you can recruit other people from the cast or nameless soldiers. They all have their own skills, such as you and another person cutting off both arms on a Titan making it easier to get the nape of its neck,  or one-shot killing a group of Titans with Levi, and even Titan shifting with Erin and Annie; and if you want to play as the other characters outside of story mode, well there’s also “Another mode”, where you can do missions and such.

Looking at it, this game is better than the first, but at the same time, it feels more like a Director’s Cut with a bit of a new skin, than a new game. But if you can find the first game just go out and pick this one up.
With that in mind, I give the game a 80/100.


Edited by Judy Peters



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