The Assassins Creed Movie Is A Must Watch

There isn’t a better way to enter the new year if you are an Assassins Creed fan.

The movie starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, will be officially released on the very first day of the new year.

Now we enter Spain during the 15th century for the first time ever during the Assassins Creed story.

Fans will follow the story of Callum Lynch, as he digs through his ancestor Aguilar’s memories, an assassin from Spain deceased for hundreds of years. Lynch gains incredible knowledge and skills, which he then uses to fight not only the Templars of the past but the present as well.


Why watch it? Well, I’ll tell you why, it’s not just based off the games. It’s a completely different addition story, for fans who have followed the games.

Therefore, they have made this story more than just a remake of the games, and so making the movie more interesting for fans.

The Assassins Creed Movie Is A Must Watch
The Assassins Creed Movie Is A Must Watch

This movie also promises its fans that there will be explanations to some of the mysteries that have stumped us for years, from the games of the past.

Plus more information on so many things, maybe more information on Juno and who knows what else, as there is still so much, which hasn’t been revealed.

We must also not forget as there is in every game, there will be a difference in the animus, in the movie it looks quite different indeed, compared to the traditional animus’s (it looks much cooler).

The Assassins Creed Movie Is A Must Watch
The Assassins Creed Movie Is A Must Watch

Fans who were desperate to watch an early release of the movie last week, said it was a fantastic movie for both people who have followed the games and for those who have not.

However, according to the people who have seen the early release, playing the games will make you enjoy the movie on a completely different level, with hidden secrets in the games revealed in this movie.

So Assassin Creed fans, this movie is looking to be good, so make sure to go and watch it as its going to do more than just compliment the story we already love.

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