Why didn’t Oda let the Strawhats find any devilfruits yet?

One Piece Episode 812
One Piece Episode 812

Our favorite crew is roaming the seas, fighting the enemies, building friendships, collecting treasures and giving treasures away… But why no Devilfruits? How is this even possible when the Strawhats were able to reach Skypiea, Gyojin Island, read poneglyphs, etc. What may be Odas great wisdom behind this?

First things first, we all need to agree that devilfruits are relatively rare things, even in places where users congregate like the New World maybe 1 in every thousand has one.

Second, you may think that Oda doesn’t want the Strawhats to level up by giving all of them devilfruits.


To clear things up, eating a devilfruit doesn’t automatically make you stronger. We know there are some fruits that seem rather useless (or weak) in the big scheme of things (think of sube sube no mi of Alvida or nagi nagi no mi of Corazon). Everything depends on how well you use it, how much you think into your skills, how much you are willing to invest in improving it, etc. Sounds basic, right? Well, not many characters used their devilfruits very wisely although all of them kinda aimed to be the pirate king (think of Buggy)… So we can agree in that devilfruit is not equal to powerup. And that many times devilfruit is equal to missed character development.

Bara bara no mi

Also, the World Government and the Marines have specialists who hunt down devilfruits very specifically (means very strong ones) to gain more power. These specialists are probably more than prepared for an ambush, so for your ordinary pirate its impossible to steal strong devilfruits. Moreover so because they get consumed quickly.

The Strawhats need to have enough people that are able to fight in water and or be able to swim and save people and a devilfruit might seem like a power-up making someone miss on character and power development. And this is what Oda would hate. And this is what we would hate. Because what we really love about OP and the characters is the integrity of the characters and the character development. Losing integrity and development would ruin OP for both the writer and the readers.
Think about what happened to DB during the Cell saga. Too many saiyans ended in monotony, made non-saiyan characters more-or-less useless, and really started making the whole “power level” thing arbitrary. Which I personally didn’t like, and would hate this to happen to my favorite show.
But we could all agree though that we would love to see the crew angst over what to do with a devilfruit, wondering what the power is and such. It would be interesting.

Summary: I personally think that it’s good Oda doesn’t toss one to everyone and their dog, he has really been smart about not muddying the waters with making the Straw Hat crew too overpowered, while still making them strong and diverse and making everyone important.


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