What We Know About Netflix’s Death Note So Far

On the 25th of August, Netflix will release their live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series, Death Note. The original story follows Light Yagami, a bored high-school student who finds a notebook that grants the holder the power to kill people by writing in their names. Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of all its criminals, which in turn sets Japanese authorities on a witch-hunt to find the one responsible for the sudden mass deaths. In March, we received a first look at the upcoming film in a teaser trailer, and even more details from a full trailer last week; both of which have received mixed responses from viewers.

Watching the trailers, we know that the adaptation will still follow the basic narrative from the manga and anime, where the main character discovers and uses a Death Note to cleanse the world of evil, and is then hunted down by authorities. Yet, we also see how the new film is different from the original series, one of ways being that it’s Americanised. The story will take place in the USA, with a mostly-American cast representing the characters. Various sites have revealed that even the key characters’ names have been altered for a western audience. Light Yagami will be Light Turner (Nat Wolf), Misa Amane will be Mia Sutton (Margaret Qualley), and Soichiro Yagami will be James Turner (Shea Whigham). However, characters such as L (Keith Stanfield), Watari (Paul Nakauchi), and Ryuk (Willem Dafoe’s voice) will keep their original names.

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