Vote for your favourite Z-Fighter!

Are you a Goku guy? A Vegeta vagrant? An exquisite genius (aka you like Krillin)? Then head over to the Nerds4LifeBlog Facebook page and place your vote for YOUR FAVOURITE Z-FIGHTER!!

We’ll be taking submissions for about a week or so, so get in fast and tell your friends about the biggest battle Earth’s warriors have ever faced. The winner will be bathed in glory! The loser… will probably be Yamcha, honestly.

The power is in your hands… So choose wisely!!


Your source for Dragon Ball action!!

Has the allegiance between the Z-Fighters and Freeza been shattered already?? Find out with our spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episodes 95-98!

Need some help deciding who to vote for in our Facebook contest? Never fear – because we’ve got all of the reasons why your vote should be for Krillin. No, for real. For real real.

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