Top 10 Childhood One Piece Moments

Over the corse of my early anime watching career, I remember getting up in the morning and watching what ever was on Chess T.V and then eventually Toasted T.V.

It had all the basics like Pokemon, Dragon Ball,  Yu-Gi-Oh! and some others, even Naruto for a short while. But there was one day when I got up to put on the T.V and instead of Pokemon, there was this weird show about a boy pirate and I’m just sitting there thinking what the hell happened to Pokemon?
However, as I watched the show it became rather addictive and so I really enjoyed it but sadly this was the 4Kids dub, so it was incredibly whitewashed and had that terrible opening.


So many years later and I am still a massive fan of the anime and so I have created a list of my top 10 childhood One Piece Moments, ending Lobby Arc in the Anime.


Luffy using the GumGum with Mr 3 candles attached to him.

Image result for luffy candle armor gum gum
In the Alabasta Arc the Straw-Hats end up on a island where to defeat Mr 3, Luffy used Mr 3’s candle power against him.



Going to Skypiea

Image result for going merry flying model

In the Skypiea Arc the Luffy decides to go to the island in the sky but when they are trying to get up there, they completely pimp out the Going Merry. It truly was a grate moment in the arc and so memorable for me.


Shanks Using his Haki without us knowing it
Image result for shanks saves luffy

In the 4th episode of One Piece we get the backstory for how Luffy got his straw-hat and devil fruit powers, it ends up with him being dragged out to sea where Shanks comes in to save Luffy from being eaten by a sea monster. What we didn’t know at the time was that Shanks was using Haki, which we discovered much later on.


Entering the Grand Line
Image result for one piece enter grand line

This this is still really early on for the Straw-Hat Pirates, being at the end of the East Blue Ark and the start of the Alabasta Arc.


Zoro cutting through steel
Image result for zoro vs mr 1 gif

During the climax of the Alabasta arc, Zoro has to fight Mr 1 a devil fruit user who’s body is made out of steel and can form any part of it into a blade.


Luffy VS Arlong

This is my favourite fight of the first ark because of Nami’s backstory buildup and all the other villagers teaming up against Arlong the fisherman pirate.


Zoro takes all the damage

Image result for zoro takes luffy's pain gif
It’s at the end of the Thriller Bark ark where one of the seven warlords turns up and tells the Straw-Hats that he can kill Luffy but let them go. This later becomes one of Zoro’s greatest moments, takingall the pain and wrath upon himself.



Luffy vs Usopp
Image result for usopp vs luffy impact dile gif

In this fight Luffy has made a decision as captain to sell what’s left of the Going Merry for parts, so that they can buy a new ship. Usopp later then declares that he is not going to let the ship just die and he challenges Luffy to a duel.


Luffy vs Crocodile

Image result for crocodile dehydrates luffyAt the end to the Alabasta ark we finally get the match betwen Luffy and one of the 7 warlords Crocodile.



Luffy goes second gear

In one of the most epic moments in my opinion is Luffy going second gear for the first time, in my opinion tis the best moment so far that I have watched as well.

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