Will We Ever Get Answers To The Sakumo Hatake Mystery?

This is someone we will most likely never get to see in action from the Naruto world.

The father of Hatake Kakashi, Sakumo Hatake is one of the strongest ninjas in the story. Yet we never see him fight. This is incredibly odd considering he was legendary throughout the shinobi world as the White Fang of The Leaf, due to his incredible skills. He was so feared that a ninja fled when just gazing upon him.

Sakumo was so powerful that his strength was stated to be greater than the legendary Sennin in Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru.

All we know is that Sakumo was disgraced by the village and as a result committed suicide because of it. Sakumo fell into a great depression after he abandoned a mission in order to save his comrades from death, during the third great ninja war. As a result, the village was later attacked. Afterward, he was hated by the village and labeled a coward for disobeying orders.


Sadly even the comrades he saved resented him and so he took his own life. After this, he was buried separately from the other villagers and with no tombstone. It was an incredibly sad end for a hero of the village but with him being so powerful it’s still surprising we never got to see his skills in action.

When the fourth great ninja war started, he wasn’t reanimated and brought back to life by Kabato.

Kabato brought many deceased legends back to the world of the living and forced them to fight for him. Oddly enough, he left out Sakumo despite his power. This was never explained, especially considering it would have been easy to obtain DNA from his buried corpse in order to reanimate him.

Saumo Hatake was one of the strongest shinobi to ever live, but sadly we never got to see it.

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