One Piece: Post-Time Skip Episodes Coming Out On DVD Soon!

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Funimation has just announced the release date for season 9 of the popular anime series One Piece,  June 20th 2017.

Season 9, Voyage 1 cover (x)

The wait is over for fans of the English dub and fans who collect the DVDs. They will finally be able to view the start of the Straw Hat pirates’ adventure along the second half of the Grandline, beginning with the Return to Sabaody Archipelago and Fishman Island arcs.


One Piece episodes are available on the Funimation website and Crunchyroll. Australian fans can also support the One Piece series through JB Hi-FI retailers and Madman Entertainment.

It is an exciting time for One Piece English speaking fans with Funimation announcing the following releases:

2/5/17: One Piece Film Gold and tv special Heart of Gold

23/5/17: Collection 19

20/6/17: Season 9 Voyage 1

Source: OnePiecePodcast

Collection 19 Cover (x)
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One Piece and Heart of Gold pre-order (x)

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