One Piece Editors Share Moments with Eiichiro Oda

Last December was Jump Festa, an annual event organized by Japanese publisher Shueisha celebrating One Piece and many other major properties.

Each year, Jump Festa welcomes fans of Weekly Shonen Jump and its many counterparts to Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe Exhibit Hall.

There were some huge announcements at this event about what to expect from the next year in One Piece at this year’s Super Stage event.

As part of the celebration of One Piece‘s 20th anniversary, there have been a variety of special exhibits and features at this year’s event. One of the exciting additions to this year’s celebration is some of the memories from seven of author Eiichiro Oda’s editors throughout the twenty-year run. The editors shared their favorite memories back in 2014, but it’s always fascinating to hear what Oda is like behind the scenes, as he’s notoriously reclusive. The editors are some of the few people who know future details of the One Piece story before they are revealed to the general public.


Without further ado, enjoy the editors’ thoughts from this year’s exhibit at Jump Festa:


Takanori Asada (1997 – Apr 2001)

The day that Volume 1 came out in stores, we went to one together in Hibarigaoka. After we spied on someone purchasing a copy, we pumped our fists, and then held our usual planning meeting. It was a very innocent time.


Takahiro Habuta (Apr 2001 – Feb 2005)

Whenever he handed over a color illustration, I would wonder, “Where did he get the time to draw this??” When I finally saw “Jump-Ryu,” where they filmed him in the act of working with color, the mystery was solved. He works the pen so quickly!!


Naoki Kawashima (Oct 2006 – Nov 2007)

Oda-san loved his “Meat!!” I would always buy him a beef bowl (gyudon) when I went to pick up the finished chapter. The way he would dig into that food after staying up all night working… I thought, this is Luffy all right!


Kohei Onishi (Nov 2007 – June 2008)

When he did his draft for the chapter in Sabaody where all the rookies are introduced, he whipped it all up, including designing the characters, in just five hours with the clock ticking! I felt like I caught a glimpse of his genius in that moment.


Jean Baptiste Akira Hattori (June 2008 – Dec 2010)

I hardly remember anything except that our planning meetings over the phone were extraordinarily long, and that he would make preposterous demands that were really hard to keep up with. All I can say is that all of Oda-san’s actions and thinking are what made OP such an unprecedented success. I feel that I was extremely lucky to have been able to witness it from such a close vantage point. I can’t wait to see what OP has in store after the 20th anniversary!


Takeru Isaka (Dec 2010 – June 2014)

When his current studio was finished, I just had to laugh at how preposterous it is. There’s even a giant shark statue in the bathroom. You can tell it’s the workplace of someone who loves to entertain others.


Suguru Sugita (June 2014 – present)

Oda-san loves his BBQ. There’s no mangaka I’d rather trust with cooking up some juicy meat! He’s the meat master!! That’s part of his super-wild side. He’s the captain who finds time to cook some meat and cheer up the gang, no matter how busy things are! Thanks to that, I’ve gotten really good at lighting fires!

Source:  Translations by Stephen Paul, images from ScotchInformer

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