‘One Piece’ Chapter 870 Spoilers: Tamatebako Treasure & Germa 66 Theories

Unfortunately, the wait for “One Piece” Chapter 870 is a bit longer this time as the team decided to take a breather this week. However, fans of hit manga series by Eiichiro Oda are not taking a break but are quite busy making exciting speculations on what the upcoming installment could bring.


One of the most exciting speculations about the upcoming Chapter 870 of the “One Piece” manga series is that the treasure known as the Tamatebako could be a significant factor in its storyline. Previously, Du Feld attempted to open the treasure chest with the intention of stealing its contents. However, Big Mom’s scream was so powerful that the Tamatebako was seen flying into the air when Du Feld was knocked over.

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