‘One Piece’ Chapter 869: Can Capone’s Big Father Hold Its Ground Against Big Mom’s Top Fighters?

While fans wait with bated breath for the next issue, several “One Piece” Chapter 869 speculations have been floating around the net lately. Enjoy some of the exciting predictions below while waiting for the upcoming chapter.For those

How The Assassination Plot Failed

There is no nicer way to put it but the Big Mom assassination plot is an epic failure. While the plan was dependent on the Yonko screaming which serves as the signal that she is vulnerable, the same ear-piercing scream nullified the plot in two ways: it destroyed the sole weapon designed to take down Big Mom and it also destroyed the sole exit for the alliance.

The poison-laden projectiles from the KX launcher did not even reach Big Mom. They all shattered in mid-air, thanks to the Yonko’s powerful scream. Obviously, Caesar Clown underestimated the force of Big Mom’s scream when he designed the weapon.

The same oversight, this time on Capone Bege’s part, failed to account the scream’s capability to affect their sole exit plan. While it is indeed a brilliant plan to use a mirror as an escape route, via Brulee’s mirror world, Bege failed to foresee that a mirror cannot withstand the force of the sound of Big Mom’s inhuman screams. And thus, they are trapped inside the Yonko’s castle, in the midst of her territory.

Bege Capone’s Big Father

Fortunately for the Alliance, Capone has one trick left that could probably save them temporarily. Using his ability, the Rook Ein Grosser Vater: Big Father, he transformed his body into a giant castle-shaped humanoid. But can Bege, in this giant form, withstand all of Big Mom’s top underlings?

The common consensus seems to agree that the Big Father could indeed offer some protection for the retreating Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirate in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 869. However, most agree that he will not be able to hold Big Mom’s forces for so long, considering the powerful fighters among her entourage.

As suggested by the Inquisitr, the best way to use Bege’s giant form is to blast an escape route for the team. With its numerous cannons, it might be able to do just that.

The Vinsmokes and Their Germa 66 Clone Army

Another exciting possibility is that with the Vinsmokes freed, they could lend the Straw Hats – Fire Tanks Alliance a hand. While they are not on friendly terms with Luffy considering their most recent encounter, there is also that saying that an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

At the moment, they share a common enemy that will not hesitate to have them killed if they are not careful. Thus, it would be to everyone’s best interest to fight together against Big Mom and her forces. For this purpose, the Germa 66, the Vinsmokes’ clone army, could prove to be very handy in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 869.