‘One Piece’ Chapter 868 Manga: Escape Plan Ruined, Did Big Mom’s Scream Shatter The Mirror?

The exciting wait for “One Piece” Chapter 868 is almost over. It can’t be helped that hyped fans are busy making their own speculations and predictions on what the upcoming installment could bring, a few of which are detailed below for your enjoyment.

Big Mom May Not Die

Admittedly, it’s a bit tricky to any sane predictions as the moment. With the introduction of Big Mom, Oda managed to add another layer of unpredictability to the manga’s plot. Linlin is simply too unpredictable especially with that throwing into a fit thing which could be induced by not eating a specific food or, lately, the smashing of Mother Caramel’s picture.


However, there are “One Piece” Chapter 868 speculations stating that Big Mom may not die. Despite being driven mad by the smashed picture and now becoming vulnerable, it is not entirely impossible for the Yonko to survive the assassination plot.

One possible way for Big Mom to survive is the presence of several strong characters in the wedding. So far, we’ve only seen Commander Dogtooth try to stop the assassination. Could another strong Big Mom Pirate combatant mess with Luffy and Bege’s plan in “One Piece” Chapter 868?

In the previous chapter, it was mentioned that Big Mom’s scream was louder than expected. While it may have certainly toppled the Yonko’s men who were about to kill the Vinsmokes, it is also possible that the same scream might have immobilized some of Luffy and Bege’s comrades despite wearing special earplugs which could adversely affect their plans.

Escape Plan Shattered

In addition, “One Piece” Chapter 868 speculations suggest that the Yonko’s scream might have literally shattered the only escape route the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates have – via Brulee’s mirror world. Big Mom scream might have broken the single mirror placed inside the wedding room trapping them inside the castle.

The Vinsmokes

But there is another development that could work to Luffy and Bege’s advantage. Previously, the Vinsmokes are now freed and could be a big help in their escape. But with their high tech gadgets and clone army outside the castle, it still remains to be seen in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 868 just exactly what kind of help they could manage to offer.

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