‘One Piece Chapter 864’: How Will Big Mom React After Mother Caramel’s Portrait Was Destroyed?

The Straw Hat Pirates have ruined the wedding ceremony and have also shattered the much-loved portrait of Mother Caramel, with Big Mom expected to explode.

According to fan theories, as well as reports from Counsel & Heal and The Christian Post, Big Mom is expected to take the battles to come more seriously and even plot a new assassination attempt.

According to the Christian Post, the upcoming assassination attempt will be successfully completed however; we just don’t know who will be the victom just yet.


With Big Mom set to fly into an incredible rage, will her plans to kill off the Vinsmoke Clan stretch to everyone else at the wedding as well?

If so her wrath will most likely be focused on either Jinbe or Brook, as the two have shown where their loyalties lie and especially in Brook’s case. If you remember it was Brook who smashed the portrait using a hammer, without a second thought.

However, it is also possible that this rage can be Big Mom’s undoing, as it may cause her to be off guard and so giving Capone an opening.

With Luffy captured and Big Mom most likely to let her guard down due to her extreme anger, all eyes are on Capone Bege, as he is the one fans and experets are assuming will end Big Mom.

For now though we will have to wait and see as chapter 864 of One Piece, will be released on May 8th.

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