‘One Piece’ 862 Manga: How The Straw Hats Join Wedding Ceremony Undetected

“One Piece” 862 manga is expected to finally get serious. While the previous chapters featured all the preparations done behind the scenes, the upcoming chapter will finally see the wedding getting started. What is even more exciting is the revelation on how Straw Hat Pirates will join the wedding without Big Mom and her entire entourage knowing about it until the last minute.

Fans have been wondering how the Straw Hat Pirates will be able to sneak into the wedding ceremony undetected. The puzzle was finally solved in the recently released “One Piece” Chapter 861. In a conversation between Capone and Clown, Bege wondered aloud if the Straw Hats are ready to do their part. Caesar Clown responded by saying that he should check for himself since the Straw Hats are actually inside Capone Bege’s body.

Indeed, it was shown that except for Jinbe, most of the Straw Hat members dozing off in what appears to be a room, a secret dimension located inside Bege’s body. There were speculations that it might be the work of Caesar Clown but the more logical assumption is that it is Capone’s secret ability. With a secret compartment that can house a small army inside his body, it is now easier to imagine how he may have pulled off previous assassination missions. His ability allows him to strike with overwhelming force and without warning.


Once the deed is done in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 862, the alliance has also worked out their means of a speedy getaway. Caesar Clown will float into the hall where the wedding ceremony will be held bringing along a mirror, their entry point into Brulee’s convenient mirror world.

However, there are still two potential problems that the alliance will have to overcome. It was not yet revealed how they will go around Commander Dogtooth’s ability to see events a few moments before they happen. GamesnAnime pointed out that given Bege’s perfect track record in the assassination business as well as his attention to details, it is highly likely that he already found a way to confuse Dogtooth’s ability, a plan that could be revealed in the coming “One Piece” 862.

Meanwhile, Sanji needs to have his emotions in check. In the previous chapter, it was seen that he is now falling for Pudding’s charm once more, despite knowing that she plans to kill him and his entire family.

Unfortunately, the wait for the “One Piece” 862 manga is a bit longer this time. The team is currently on hiatus, which means that no issue will be released this week.


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