My Hot Spring Experience Compared To Anime

After noticing that every anime in existence has at least one beach, pool, camping trip, bathhouse and hot springs episode,  my anime club that I am the current vice president of, decided to have a relaxing day at the hot springs ourselves.

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But straight away we noticed that this was that the whole experience was completely different from what we see in most anime, but what are those differences?

Well for starters the one I went to was kind of like a spa, as well as a really tiny amusement park where there were some things for the kid as well, and not just the springs.


Also as far as I could tell, there were no men plotting to see the the women in the swimsuits either however; they may have been doing so but more discreetly than most anime characters.
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Instead what there was were buckets with hot water within them, being continuously poured into a small sort of ditch that you could put your feet into and relax.

There was also a trail where you had to walk up and down, which obviously had hot water but this time had a number of different rocks that massaged your feet beneath you.

Also there was a cave were you would get a bath and a sauna at the same time, which is quite similar to what most anime show in their hot spring episodes.
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There was also a spring right on top of a hill with an awesome view, which you can gaze over whilst your bathing, a water massage area and a cold dip where you plunge yourself into 2.4 meters of cold water and apparently unlock the 8th gate.
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So dose anime make up most of the stuff we see in hot springs? Are great hero’s vigorously training while women compering the breast sizes, while the men are contemplating how to get a peek?

Not that I noticed but it was still a pretty cool experience and I suggest that everyone should go to one if they ever get the chance I do it, as they are worth the price.
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