Is Zeno A Dragon Ball Fan?

Now Dragon Ball fans this is a theory by popular Dragon Ball YouTuber Masako X, he suggests that Zeno Sama is actually a representation of the Dragon Ball fandom, from the eyes of Akira Toriyama and others involved in Dragon Ball’s creation.

As we progressed in Dragon Ball Super we soon discovered that the Supreme Kai’s and Gods of Destruction’s, were not at the top of the food chain.

As a result we were given the Omni King, a childish being who is in control of all twelve universes and has the power to destroy everything in existence.

Is Zeno A Dragon Ball Fan?
Is Zeno A Dragon Ball Fan?

Now there are two Zeno’s and both of them seem pretty hell bent on destroying universes and for some pretty stupid reasons as well.

Masako X believes that this character is here to represent the Dragon Ball fandom but obviously this is simply a theory for now, but the video does seem to make sense therefore, this may be a possibility.

So check out the video by Masako X below, and let us know what you think of his theory in the comments below as well.

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