Mashima Has Started Fairy Tails Final Chapter Plus Chapter 541 Spoilers

Fairy Tail is one of the biggest Weekly Shonen Jump titles and after eight year, the story will be coming to a close.

It has just been confirmed by non other than Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima himself, that he is working on the shows final chapter as we speak.

Mashima took to twitter to announce the news, with the artist taking a picture of his work desk, which showcased a page titled “Fairy Tails Final Chapter”.


He later posted this on his socials, which ahs since sanded fans. It is also a conformation that the title for the final chapter of Fairy Tail will be called “Fairy Tails Final Chapter”.

Although this doesn’t come as new news for fans, as the creator confirmed that the final chapter will be released at some point this year however, at the time we didn’t know when.

Earlier this year Fairy Tail fans were given another movie (Dragon Cry) however, I’m sure that they would rather more of the series instead.

Hopefully sometime in the future we will see more movies but until then, Fairy Tail fans will be bracing themselves for the conclusions of Fairy Tail and of course, Natsu’s story.

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