Going Back To Dragon Ball Take 3

Continuing on from the World Tournament saga,I went on to the very painful “Red Ribbon Army Saga”. I first watched this when I was 13-years-old before and after school thinking to myself, wow this is really slow. Looking back on it now and I actually think watching the Naruto filler was slightly better.

The saga starts off with Goku looking for his Gramps four-star Dragon Ball, as it has finally returned back to normal. This then leads to a lot filler in this saga where Goku meets some of the people from the tournament and helps them out.

Going Back To Dragon Ball Take 3
Going Back To Dragon Ball Take 3

There’s also this thing with Emperor Pilaf and Sargent Silver, who Goku just one shots, as well as some stuff with Chi-Chi, which ends up being the last time Goku see’s her in person for another 100 or so episodes.


Then we get to the actual non-filler part of the saga, the Muscle Tower ark where Goku finds a village that’s been taken over by the Red Ribbon Army, who are looking for the Dragon Balls too.

Going Back To Dragon Ball Take 3
Going Back To Dragon Ball Take 3

Goku helps one of the villagers and is told that the village mayor is in the top of the tower, as well as some Dragon Balls. So Goku instinctively goes in smashing anything that get’s in his way, climbing the stairs of the tower and defeating all the “floor boss’s”.

Plus we can’t forget one of the most useless yet funny villains we see in Dragon Ball, a perverted Ninja, who tries to fight Goku but fails horribly.

This is also the place where we meet Android 8 or “Eighter” for short, who then becomes Goku’s friend but looks more like Frankenstein than an Android.
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Goku later finally gets to the top of the tower with the help of his new friend, and free’s the village mayor.

However; General White is waiting who proceeds to lure  Goku down a trap door, were he fights this weird pink monster thing.

After escaping they save the mayor and get the Dragon Ball’s, also defeating General White.

Goku needs help removing Eigther’s implanted bomb and fixing the Dragon Radar as well, as Goku still hans’t found the ball he needs.

Sadly now we enter more filler were our hero returns to the West City and meets Bulma, Yamcha and Oolong.

This then leads them searching for the Dragon Balls at an amusement park, which results in some pretty ordinary episodes.

Looking back on it was probably the weakest ark in the original Dragon Ball series. However, we did get this classic scene at the amusement park.


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