Going Back To Dragon Ball: Take 2

Having gone back and re-watched the first saga of Dragon Ball, I thought I’d also re-watch the next saga as well, the “World Martial Arts tournament Saga or The Bodikai Tenkichi Saga”.

Continuing on from the Pilaf saga, Goku heads off to train under Master Roshi were he meets his furture best friend Krillin.

The both of them convince Roshi to train them by brining him a young girl ( yes he is that perverted) as a result the fin Launch, who will become the most neglected anime character in history.


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This girl ends up being pretty dangerous as well,  as she changes personality whenever she sneezes, which becomes a running gag though out the show until Z where she is forgotten by the creator Akira Toriyama.

Master Roshi then trains the two boys with what looks to be nothing but hard labor, such as delivering milk in the morning and ploughing the fields without tools.

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In the meantime they discover that the World Martial Arts tournament, is happening in about months and decide to train and enter it.

Here they discover a great deal of strong fighters with strange abilities such as Krillin first fight against Bactirian, a man who use’s his own stench to fight off his enemies.

The man’s main attacks include siting on your face while farting, as well as of course rubbing his crouch and then trying to touch you. Krillin wins thankfully and we never have to see this strange character again.

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The next match was Yamcha vs Jackie Chun (really master Roshi) and Yamcha dose what he dose best, which is fail. In all fairness he did go up against Master Roshi, who was in disguise so that he could beat his new students, so that they didn’t become over confident or arrogant.

We eventually see how much Goku has improved as well and then get to see our first glimpses of the fan favourite Nam.


Later Krillin has to face Jackie Chun however, Krillin as impressive as the youngster has become, he ends up losing.

The next match is Nam vs Goku, with a lot of fans actually cheering the man who needs money to save his village in Nam however; still not wanting Goku to lose, which he doesn’t. (Don’t worry Nam still has a happy ending)

Then came the final match between Jackie Chun and Goku, the climax for the entire saga. Chun/Roshi pulled out a new moves after new moves, which we have never seen before. However; Goku adapts to them in minutes, resulting in the match going for quite a long time.

Night eventually arrives and the moon turns up again where it happens to be full, making Goku turn into a giant monkey again. The only way Roshi could defeat him is to blow up the moon, which he does and no it doesn’t have nay weird side effects.

In the end the match continues and its Chun who ends up winning by literally his height alone, as Goku and him attack each other at the same time.

After the match they then go on to have a celebratory dinner, where Goku ends up using all of Master Roshi’s prize money on food and yes, he does still ask for more. So in the end Goku sort of won the prize money, technically.

From there training begins again for Goku however; this time in the form of a quest to find his grand dads Dragon Ball, as it has been a year since Pilaf used them.

This saga is probably in my opinion what made Dragon Ball so popular, which then set up for so many more Shonen Jump series, from Nartuto to Food Wars.


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