Freeza Looks Like An Angel Compared To Goku Now

As we slowly enter the Universal Survival arc in Dragon Ball Super, we discovered that this tournament of power will cause the deaths eleven of the twelve, universes in the Dragon Ball series.

As a result killing billions of people, with oddly this all being the fault of our hero Goku therefore, we should consider Goku as a greater mass murder than Freiza.

Freiza Looks Like An Angel Compared To Goku Now

Now Goku may not be evil as Freiza was, although through selfish ambitions, Goku’s actions will cause more deaths and destruction than what Freiza was even capable of.


This is because Goku ignored the warnings of Whis and Berus, travelled to Zeno Sama’s place and requested for this upcoming tournament.

Freiza Looks Like An Angel Compared To Goku Now

Now due to this request billions of people will die, including Goku’s own family if his universe was to lose the fights to come.

As silly as this sounds Freiza’s kill record will pale in comparison to what Goku’s is about to be.

Now we still don’t know what will happen during this arc but we do know that the winners of the tournament will receive the Super Dragon Balls, where they can potentially wish all the universes who perished in the tournament, back to life.

Freiza Looks Like An Angel Compared To Goku Now

Even still if Goku was to do this, it shouldn’t excuse him because none of this would be happening if it were not for  his selfish ambitions, although we should remember that Goku didn’t plan for the death of billions of people.

Goku expected that when he suggested to Zeno Sama to hold a multi-universe tournament, that he would get a similar tournament to when Champa and Berus held one between universes six and seven however, this assumption has foolishly doomed the souls of billions.

I know that Goku is a hero who has fought against evil his entire life, but this mistake of his is going to be hard to get out of.

Freiza Looks Like An Angel Compared To Goku Now

I honestly doubt that Akira Toriyama would allow Goku to be the cause of billions of deaths, but for now it looks as if he will be.

I’m sure that Goku will manage to get himself and the other losing universes out of being destroyed, and that we are going to love watching it all happen.

However until then, we need to point out that Goku is looking to be the cause of a lot more deaths than Freiza had even imagined were possible.

Freiza Looks Like An Angel Compared To Goku Now

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