Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed

Fairy Tail collection 22 begins mid-way through the battle of Tartaros, where the wizards of Fairy Tale have finally met their match.

With the threat of thousands of Face Bombs only being moments away from destroying the magical world, the battles that take place in order to stop them are incredible.

Elsewhere from the main front lines Gray has defeated Silver, where he finally admits to Gray that he is his father.

Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed
Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed

However Gray couldn’t kill his own father and instead received Silvers magic, legacy and mark from him. In the end it was Juvia who was to finish off Silver by defeating Keyes, in what was a truly emotional fight.

Meanwhile the Twin Dragon Slayers continued to fight agsint the Demon Gates, as Erza’s group attempts to make their way to the control room to stop the Face Bombs.

Natsu also with Gajeel show Torafuzar and Tempester what they are made of, activating their duel element abilities however, this isn’t enough to overwhelm their opponents.

This battle also proves to truly be an epic encounter where almost all is lost and is a highlight for Gajeel.

Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed
Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed

The power of the Demon Gates proves to be a genuine threat, especially when they reveal their true Etherious Forms, as a result making the battle between Demons and Wizards grand.

Later Erza, Minerva and the Exceed finally reach the control room where they find Crawford’s animated body trying to activate the Faces. Erza attempts to then stop him however, she there are more enemies she needs to face first face.

Later the battle between Mard Geer and Natsu begins and rages on for quite sometime, as Geer is too powerful.

Then just to add to the excitement when things begin to look up for everyone, an even bigger threat appears, Acnologia.

Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed
Fairy Tail Collection 22: Reviewed

The era of Dragons is about to end however, not before them helping the humans one final time. With everyone scattered and with battles all around them, this truly is an epic collection for Fairy Tail fans.

This collection gives us an ending to the Tartaros arc, which is arguably one of the most thrilling arcs to date.

As mentioned above, this collection is truly a must own for all Fairy Tail fans even if you have already seen the episodes, its worth the re-watch.

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