Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Preview: What Is This Strange Aura Around Goku?

The Tournament of Power has finally begun and in episode 98 of Dragon Ball Super, it will start to get serious with characters already falling off the edge.

Already the other universes have started to team up against universe 7 and Goku of course, which o be honest was expected.

As a result things are going to start getting interesting as Universe 7 start taking a beating, with Goku and Vegeta going Super Saiyan. Also from what it looks like there is a strange aura surrounding Goku. what could it be? Maybe it’s a new form of power that Goku has unlocked.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98
Dragon Ball Super Episode 98

On top of  that, it has been a while since we have seen Vegeta in action and so Vegeta fans will finally see him do something in episode 98, when she shows us a glimpse of his improvement leading up to the tournament.

However, it doesn’t look as if Vegeta has the same mysterious aura that Goku has from the preview although, that doesn’t mean he won’t have it in the episode.

Things are starting to get quite interesting indeed, with Jiren looking tough and Hit barely being seen so far, it is expected that they will do more in the coming episodes.

Episode 98 will feature the other universes teaming up against Universe 7 a lot, with us hopefully seeing them make an alliance with someone otherwise, it will all be for nothing and their universe will be erased.

So make sure to watch the preview for episode 78 of Dragon Ball Super here, as the Tournament of Power has finally begun.



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