Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Preview: The Tournament of Power Begins!


It’s finally here, the Tournament of Power finally begins next week, with Freeza surviving the assassination attempt however, it’s obvious that he cannot be trusted.

The guys returned to the world of the living for five minutes and he has already tried to erase Goku and betray his own universe, by attempting to join universe 9.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Freeza tries to betray them again and I honestly feel that he will. Hopefully he doesn’t become a good guy such as Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, Android 17 and 18, as that has been done a little too much.

Goku vs Freeza
Goku vs Freeza

For now I doubt that this will happen, especially as Freeza and Goku are at the same strength however; Goku didn’t use his Kai O’Ken, which means that he can still go one step further.

As I mentioned before the Tournament of Power is finally about to start and with that it’s likely most of the universes will try and attack universe 7, as they are seen as evil.

However, until next week you can take a look at the preview here, as episode 96 of Dragon Ball Super, is going to be incredible.

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