Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Preview

Universe 7’s team is complete! Or is it? It turns out Buu has fallen asleep and will be knocked out for two months, plus next week Android 18 and Krillin pull out!

This is bad however; we do know that Goku in the coming episodes will try and recruit Freeza and it’s unlikely that the other two will pull out as well.

On top of that it looks as if Universe 6’s team is looking pretty tough themselves, with the Legendary Super Saiyan and another strong female super saiyan, joining their already powerful existing lineup.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Preview
Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Preview

This Tournament of Power is only four hours away and we still haven’t even seen every team complete yet, so this coming episode is a must watch.

But until then make sure to take a look at the preview below for episode 92 of Dragon Ball Super, as it’s going to be epic.


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