Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review

In episode 85 of Dragon Ball Super we watched at Goku and Gohan continued their recruitment of their team, for the tournament of power.

While on his way to find Android 17, Goku was distracted and found a very different Buu, fat Buu has started to train and cannot be called Fat Buu anymore.

Buu’s excitement for the tournament has encouraged him to lose an enormous amount of weight and increase his strength incredibly.


This means Buu should make a much bigger impact in the episodes to come then what we expected however, thats not all we learnt.

In this episode we got to see the other universes and some of their preparations, as well as their common dislike for universe 7.

This episode only increased our excitement for this upcoming tournament but don’t only take my word for it, check out what YouTuber Ajax TheMr thought in his liver reaction and review below.

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