Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!

Two weeks ago we sadly watched the end of an era as 500th and final episode of Naruto Shippuden aired however, the end of Naruto means the beginning of a new era of shinobi.

Tomorrow we will see the first episode of the highly anticipated spin-off series, “Boruto: Naruro Next Generations”.

From what fans got to see during last years Boruto movie, this upcoming series is going to be good and despite Naruto Shippuden dominating the anime industry for over a decade, creator Masashi Kishimoto has promised that Boruto’s story will be even better than his fathers.

Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!
Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!

As we got to see in the Boruto film the son of the seventh Hokage, is quite different to him father and more similar to his grandfather, in Minato fourth Hokage.

Boruto is what the ninja world calls a prodigy, which is the exact opposite to his heroic father, to which he has a terrible relationship with.

The film left us with so many questions such as how Boruto’s teammate Mitsuki, is Orochimaru’s son for example and with manga only provoking more interest as well.

Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!
Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!

We got to see through the manga, a sneak peek showing us a time significantly into the future from when the anime will begin, the destruction Konoha and a grown up Boruto looking to be the only survivor.

The manga slides also introduced the cause of the destruction in Kawaki, where he states that he will do the same thing to Boruto as what he did with his father.

However, we have not been given any further information on Kawaki’s motives or origins, Boruto’s suddenly having a Byakugan (which he did not have tin the movie and looks very much like Kakashi’s Sharinagn), if Naruto is actually dead, what those markings on both Boruto and Kawaki are, or where everybody else is.

We know that sealing is a big thing in Naruto so it is possible that they are all sealed away and that we assumed that everyone is dead.

Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!
Boruto Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!

We also have to remember that markings played a big part in the early days of Naruto, such as the cursed seals. However, we are unsure if these marks are similar to those that we have seen in the past.

All of these questions have made this upcoming series one of the most anticipated of 2017 and it’s only a few short hours away, airing on April 5th.

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