Boruto Episode 8 Preview

So episode 7 of Boruto was a little creepy and a bit weird, with a stalker chasing around Sumire and the whole day being saved by a bag of chips.

However, we are staring to slowly learn more about this strange chakra that has been tormenting the village in recent times, which can effect anyone, including jounin level shinobi.

In this upcoming it also looks as if Boruto has figured out why he is the only one who can see that strange chakra.

Boruto Episode 8 Preview
Boruto Episode 8 Preview

In this upcoming episode it looks as if Boruto opens up about his ability and his father Naruto, may need it to help him as well.

So make sure to watch episode 8 of Boruto next week, as we are most likely going to learn more and more about the Byakugan, or more importantly Boruto’s Byakugan.

But until then make sure to take a look at the preview for episode 8 of Boruto, as things are starting to get very interesting.

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