Boruto Episode 7 Review

In this episode things started to get a little creepy, too creepy. This is the first time we have seen an actual stalker in the Naruto/Boruto world and it was a little too weird.

In the beginning it looked as if the girl being stalked was Cho Cho however; it was Sumire (The class rep) who was being followed around.

Boruto Episode 7 Review
Boruto Episode 7 Review

Sadly Sumire later ejected her stalker (fair call) and that drove him into a rage, allowing the strange chakra circling Konoha, to strike once again.


As things started to get heated when that strange chakra once again appeared within the stalker, things started moving more strangely.

This guy was pretty tough, mainly because he can become invisible and throw knives from all over the place at his victims.

Boruto Episode 7 Review
Boruto Episode 7 Review

But the weird part was that the whole day way saved by Cho Cho, no offence to her but what was weird was the way she saved everyone. the day ended up being saved by essentially bag of chips, which in my opinion ruined the episode.

However, we did learn that this strange chakra has a monster form and is sucking the chakra out of many people, as well as Mitsuki defiantly knowing something about it all.

For more make sure to take a look at the video below, as I have a more in depth review of Boruto episode 7 here.

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