Boruto Episode 6 Preview

As of Boruto episode 5 we have finally seen Mitsuki, who most fans know is Orochimaru’s son however, the most interesting part is that he stated that he was from the Hidden Sound village, which many assumed disbanded quite sometime ago.

Mitsuki looks a little strange at first and let’s be honest, who could blame him? He was raised by the weirdest man on the planet.

One thing we do know though is that he is quite strong already and will most likely play a big part in the series to come.


Episode 5 was also the first time we got to see Iruka as principle and it was officially confirmed that the fat teacher seen with Shino was in fact Anko.

Speaking of Shino that weird chakra seems to have reached it’s next target and that happens to be one of the most dangerous men in the village.

Boruto Episode 6 Preview
Boruto Episode 6 Preview

Throughout the series thus far Shino has been looked at by Boruto and his friends as a fool however; things are about to change, as we can expect Shino to show them some of his best.

Remember this chakra bring out an aggressive side of the person it infests and Shino seems to be the next man to flip out and attack Boruto.

I am sure in the end Shino will be defeated however; I doubt Mitsuki or Boruto can do it on their own just yet, in the end Shino should gain the respect he deserves at least.

So make sure to watch next weeks episode as Shino starts to attack his own classmates but until then, make sure to watch the preview below for episode 6 of Boruto:

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