Boruto Episode 4 Preview

We are starting to learn the characteristics of each and every character within Boruto’s story, withs some minor resemblance to our favourite characters of the past.

This time we will be taking a closer look at Sarada Uchiha, as she clashes with her parents best friends son, in this coming episode.

We had to wait quite some time for the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, with an even longer wait for the rematch.

Boruto Episode 4 Preview
Boruto Episode 4 Preview

However, it looks as if we won’t have to wait as long for their children to go head to head, as this fight will be a battle of the sexes, with Boruto already slowly awakening his visual powers.

Next weeks episode is going to be great but before then make sure to watch the preview for episode 4 of Boruto here below.

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Here is a list of characters who should have been able to use wood release, but for some reason couldn’t:

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