Boruto Episode 11 Preview

In episode 10 of Boruto we discovered through Sai’s investigation of this “Ghost” problem, that culprit is most likely one of Danzo’s former Root memebers and is using Hashirama’s cells.

With that brought to our attention, there has been another attack and this time a group of students were inured. Naturally being Boruto’s friends he isn’t going to like this as he races to save them however; I doubt that he will make it in time.

Things are starting to pick up the pace in Boruto and this is evident with Naruto telling his son to lo longer get involved, as it’s too dangerous however; I doubt Boruto will just listen to his father.

Boruto Episode 11 Preview
Boruto Episode 11 Preview

This will also be the episode we finally get to see Sakura, as we are yet to see much from the generation of old so far.

We now have a rough idea of who is causing this “Ghost” to appear, all we need now is to find out why, how and really exactly who it is.

So make sure to watch next weeks episode but until then you can take a look at the preview below, as things start to pick up in Boruto episode 11.

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