Attack On Titan Season 2 In 2017, Finally!

Finally! Attack on Titan season two will be on our screen in 2017 after almost three years of delays.

There have been announcements stating that the series will be returning in March 2017 however, due to the enormous demand by its fans, it has recently been reported that the series will be returning sooner.

Now Attack on Titan will be returning in early February 2017, giving its fans an end to the incredibly long wait, since season one was released in 2013. With so little answered in the anime from season one, if you haven’t read the manga then season two is a must watch.

It is reported that there will be more mysteries revealed, with answers as well. The soldiers will apparently discover more titans hiding within the walls and the warriors will have to fight more titans, in order to protect what’s left of humanity.


If you are an Attack on Titan fan then this is a must-see, also if you haven’t seen the series yet then it’s not too late to catch up, as there are only 25 episodes and a movie.

So massive news coming from the Attack on Titan creators, with season two finally not too far away!

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