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Amazing Spider-Man #801 Review: The End of an Era

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Amazing Spider-Man #801 Review: The End of an Era


Marvel Entertainment. Marcos Martin.

A Hero For The Little Guy

Instead of going out with a bang with the conclusion of “Go Down Swinging” in #800, Dan Slott chose to go out with a much quieter story in “There For You”. Slott’s run has been defined by big events like Spider-Island and Superior Spider-Man, but it has also contained a lot of smaller character moments. The death of Marla Jameson and Peter’s “No one dies” vow, the small moments in #800 I discussed in the last review. I thought this would be a quiet tale taking us through the characters that were most prominent in the last decade. However, Slott quite rightly decided that he’d addressed them enough. Instead, this issue is about Spider-Man and the people of New York. The beautiful cover illustrates this, with regular citizens as part of his shadow.

Marvel Entertainment. Marcos Martin.

Instead of telling the story from Peter’s point-of-view, Slott tells it from a regular citizen’s. Besides the obvious similarity of “Uncle Ken” to Uncle Ben, this gets at the heart of Spider-Man. He’s the superhero for the little guy. As Norman Osborn used against him last issue, he cares about everyone. He may not spend his time fighting world-ending threats (although sometimes he does pitch in), but he saves someone’s world every day.

Bringing Marcos Martin back for this issue was a smart decision. His art is always dynamic and graceful, and colourist Muntsa Vicente adds a vibrancy that makes the whole issue pop. For the early sequences Martin emulates Steve Ditko’s classic Spidey costume while making it his own. I particularly love the little detail of the glass sticking out of Peter’s costume after he crashes through the window.

By focusing on how Spider-Man impacted the life of a regular citizen, Slott and Martin give this era of Spider-Man a send-off that resonates with longtime fans. A simple yet effective story, #801 is a fitting send-off for Dan Slott.

Join me in less than two weeks for the beginning of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s run!

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