One Piece Episode 814 Spoilers & Preview

One Piece episode 814


Things are starting to get pretty interesting in the Whole Cake Island arc of One Piece, with episode 814 only going to get better.

With incredible speed Pedro leads the Emperor’s Army around by the nose, meanwhile, Brook continues to put on a special show for the Emperor at the castle.

One Piece Episode 814: Big Mom
One Piece Episode 814: Big Mom

The two are on fire and are for the moment unstoppable, with neither of them looking as if they can be beaten.

They are fighting to get Road Ponegliff while risking their lives. It has been a while since Luffy and Nami were free, with Luffy deciding to go head-to-head with Big Mom verbally.

The Straw Hat captain has no chance of winning against Big Mom in a physical fight and it doesn’t help that he is still pretty beaten up from his last battle against Sanji and the army that followed.

One Piece Episode 814: Nami and Luffy
One Piece Episode 814: Nami and Luffy

In episode 814 of One Piece, fans will see Brook and Pedro have a cunning operation and it has all begun already.

For now, though you can watch the preview for episode 814 of One Piece in the video below until next week.

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