Boruto Episode 33 Spoilers & Preview: Inojin’s Story Begins 

Boruto Episode 33

In episode 32 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations, fans watched as the Hidden Mist arc came to a close, with Shizuma and his gang behind bars.

However, Kagura has not been arrested and is following his dream of peace in the Hidden Mist Village, which means that he has to do a lot of work to redeem himself for his betrayal.

Now in episode 33 of Boruto, we will see more emphasis on some of Boruto’s other Konoha friends, who didn’t get much screen time in the previous arc.

Boruto episode 33
Boruto episode 33

The focus of this episode will be on Inojin, the son of Ino and Sai, with his development in the series so far being minimal.

In this episode, Inojin will start to question the techniques he is inheriting from his two parents and will try and improve them.

The main one Inojin is questioning is his fathers, which can be quite tiresome or time consuming during a fight. Therefore, Inojin will start to develop a way to speed up the jutsu with pre-drawn creatures.


However, not all goes to plan, especially as this is a boy who isn’t even a genin yet, trying to improve a jounin level jutsu.

This episode will mostly be about the young next generations development, with there not being too much fighting, as there was in the previous arc in the Hidden Mist Village.

For now though, you can take a look at the preview for episode 33 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations in the video below, with Inojin’s story starting here and now.

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