Watch The Video Here As Goku Finally Shows Fans His New Form

Goku's New Form

Goku’s done it! The time has finally arrived where Goku has unlocked his new transformation. In the one hour special of Dragon Ball Super, fans have finally been given Goku’s new form. Goku was unable to beat Jiren with the powers of Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, KaioKen and the Spirit Bomb, however, that doesn’t matter now, as Goku has surpassed all of that.

Goku's new form
Goku’s new form

For months Dragon Ball Super fans have been waiting for the fight between Jiren from Universe 11 and Goku from Universe 7, as well as the Saiyan’s new form. The latest form of Goku is called Mastery of Self Movement, which fans have been waiting months to see in action after the images were relapsed so long ago.

This is a fight that no one can lose, as all fighters and their respective universe will be erased and only one can survive. That is why Goku and Jiren, the two strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power will be going all out. That is why Jiren, with the instruction of his universes god of destruction, unleashed the power hiding within him.

 Goku's new form
Goku’s new form

Jiren’s might shocked all the participants and the spectators, only the two Zeno’s were actually amused. Even Universe 7’s god of destruction on Beerus broke into a sweat from the incredible amount of Ki being released from this mortal fighter. Beerus isn’t someone who can be worried easily and that alone proves just how strong Jiren is. In addition, Goku doesn’t look confident at all, as he sweats and takes every moment seriously from this point forward. However, that doesn’t matter now because Goku’s new transformation is here and now the Saiyan should be more than capable of taking out his enemy.

You can watch the video below of Goku unleashing his new power for the first time. 

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