This Is A Special Day For All Naruto Fans: 15th Anniversary

Naruto 15th Anniversary

It might be a little hard to believe but today is the 15th birthday for Naruto’s anime. It was way back on October 3rd, 2002 when the first episode of Naruto Premiered and it was also the day that changed our childhoods forever.

This was the episode where fans got their first glimpse of the boy wearing orange, as the hopeless student started his journey of becoming Hokage. It was also the episode where Naruto stoll a forbidden scroll from the village and learned his Mass Shadow Clone jutsu. This was all because of the boy who only wanted acknowledgement, failed the last exam of the academy.

Kid Naruto
Kid Naruto

Mizuki lied to the young boy and tricked him in stealing the scroll from Konoha. This was a truly emotional episode where Naruto was betrayed by his teacher but saved by another in Iruka. That man in Iruka would end up being the first one to acknowledge Naruto and arguably became the most important person in the young ninja’s life. It has been 15 years now but the franchise is still going strong, as the original story ended in 2007.

Naruto's Friends
Naruto’s Friends

Naruto Shippuden then started soon afterwards in the same year before wrapping up almost a decade later in March this year. However, the series isn’t done just yet, as the spin off in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations began earlier this year. This serie showcases the same characters all grown up, as well as their children’s story. Already, the creators of the Boruto series have promised that this spin-off will be better than Naruto, however; fans of the series are a bit skeptical, as Naruto was incredible.

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