One Piece Episode 809 Spoilers And Preview

One Piece Episode 809

In episode 808 of One Piece fans got to see Sanji betray Luffy, with the two’s reunion not being what it was all meant to be. Luffy who had just defeated one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders and the Biscuit Warriors, finally caught up to his old cook, however, Sanji wasn’t coming with them.

As a result, the two clashed and fought it out, with both having their own stubborn ambitions. Monkey D. Luffy was still injured from his last fight and the former Straw Hat Pirate in Sanji took advantage of that.

Luffy vs Sanji
Luffy vs Sanji

In episode 809 of One Piece, Luffy and Nami will remain in the position where the Straw Hat Captain said he would wait for Sanji, despite being defeated. However, there seem to be white and black shadows approaching from above.

There is literally a storm coming for both Nami and Luffy, which is so far covering the entire island from what fans can see. It’s Big Mom’s vengeful battalion, with the powerful group then rushing at Luffy in an attempt to take him down.

Fans need to remember that Luffy is still injured and exhausted after his battles with Sanji and Charlotte Cracker, which makes him an easy target now. However, Luffy will not give up, especially as he will be the King of Pirates some day.

Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy

This episode is truly going to be amazing, with fans eagerly awaiting to see the injured Luffy taking on hordes of Big Mom’s men. This episode will be intense and before it is released, fans have can watch the preview for episode 809 of One Piece in the video below.

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