‘One Piece’ Chapter 882: Will Luffy Be Able To Beat Katakuri?

One Piece Chapter 882

The Straw Hat Captain Monkey D. Luffy is currently in the midst of his greatest battle against one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders Katakuri. So far the Sweet Commander looks incredibly tough, however, despite this; fans know that Luffy will win and it’s just a matter of how not if.

Already, Jinbe was able to save the other Straw Hat’s and Sunny from Big Mom’s giant wave, with his familiarity with the sea. Previously fans were worried about the possibility of the crew being drowned by Big Mom’s rage, however, the crew’s new friend saved the day, as many assumed he would.


In chapter 882 of One Piece fans are expected to see Katakuri get serious, as in the previous chapter it was hinted that he was holding back. Luffy will be surprised by Katakuri in this chapter, with him now breaking the last mirror and communication with Nami after seeing that they were safe. In addition, it looks as if Luffy will be getting serious as well, with him looking a lot more determined after he broke the final mirror.

Luffy will refuse to die and be more determined than ever to beat the man before him, who is known to be the strongest Big Mom commander. One way that Luffy might be able to accomplish the impossible and defeat Katakuri according to theories online is through an awakening of sorts. What that means is that fans might be given an upgrade to his fourth gear, which could be triggered during the battle.

However, the most common theory is that Luffy will develop a Fifth Gear technique, which will reduce the power gap between the two fighters. Although, it might be too early for this and so many fans believe that it will be a further awakened version of Gear Four, rather than a new Gear.

Luffy Gear 4
Luffy Gear 4

Finally, there is another theory floating around, which we discussed last week and that is that Katakuri could have a weakness. That weakness could have something to do with an element, as Charlotte Cracker’s Biscuit Soldier’s became soft when exposed to water.

For the moment One Piece fans will have to wait a little longer than usual to find out, as the chapter will take another week to resume. That means that One Piece chapter 882 will be released on October 23rd.

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