‘One Piece’ Chapter 881: Will Luffy Discover Katakuri’s Weakness?

One Piece Chapter 881

The highly anticipated battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom’s Sweet Commander Katakuri is finally taking place. In the battle so far Luffy has struggled a bit, as his attacks are constantly countered. However, it is expected that in chapter 881 of One Piece, Luffy will start to understand Katakuri’s technique and possibly figure out its weakness. In addition, Big Mom has caught up to Sunny and the other Straw Hat’s, which means things are not looking great for them.

What is Katakuri’s Weakness?

The battle between Luffy and Katakuri has so far been a one-sided fight within Brulee’s mirror world, which makes sense as Katakuri is the strongest out of the three Sweet Commanders. Katakuri can counter Luffy’s attacks by copying those attacks and reflecting them back even stronger than what Luffy hit him with.

Luffy and Katakuri
Luffy and Katakuri

This is an incredibly hard technique to counter and that is why Luffy is having such a hard time at the moment. However, all techniques have some kind of weakness and YouTuber Joy_Boy Theories speculates that because Mochi is basically food, certain elements such as fire should have an effect on it.

In the battle against the other Sweet Commander in Charlotte Cracker, Nami figured out that they could nullify Cracker Biscuit Soldiers with water. As a result, the two were able to defeat Cracker and that is why there is a strong possibility that elements can affect Katakuri’s attack, as it did for Crackers.

However, there is another possibility and that is that Luffy could develop another Gear 4 attack, however; Luffy needs to be careful because Katakuri might just be able to copy that as well.

Will Sunny and the Straw Hat’s escape Big Mom?

Big Mom has managed to catch up to Sunny and the other Straw Hat Pirates, despite them using an evasive maneuver to get away. Big Mom seems to be quite serious with taking down Sunny and its crew, with the Yonko unleashing a tsunami-like wave that towers over the ship, with the intent to drown everyone.

Big Mom attacks Sunny
Big Mom attacks Sunny

It will be hard for the Straw Hat’s to escape this situation, as they will have to come up with something pretty quickly. Many fans believe that they will just do another Coup de Burst maneuver, however; it looks as if it’s too late for that. Although this doesn’t mean that everyone will die, it just means that Big Mom wants to stop them. It is likely that because she isn’t trying to kill them and just wants the wedding cake, they should all survive. All fingers are pointing to Jinbe, as he is a fishman and so could save them if Sunny was to go down.

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